women's alliance

we don’t work alone. 

we value shared effort and a unified voice.

There’s no question that we rely on many community organizations to deliver on the mission of Chrysalis.

Since 2006, our partnership with over 75 organizations has formed the Women’s Alliance. Not only do our Alliance partners share how they effectively address the many challenges facing individuals and families and the community that surrounds them, they also keep us informed on the immediate and pressing needs of girls and women they serve. 

We have a responsibility to assure that every one of our Women's Alliance partners is as successful as it can be and has opportunities to meaningfully engage with other organizations for advice, partnership, and shared learning.

Bi-monthly meetings provide Chrysalis an opportunity to learn about timely issues, concerns, and experiences in the lives of girls and women in our community. Not only does this help us meet their needs, but it provides us with key information that we can share with decision-makers and community leaders. We’re here to listen, learn, connect, and bring their collective voice forward.

To learn more about the Women's Alliance or upcoming meetings, email us.