chrysalis scholars

we don't just fund programs.

we invest in potential.


At Chrysalis, we believe knowledge is power. So is opportunity.

Chrysalis has committed to help girls navigate the challenges of growing up and it does not stop at graduation. We support post-secondary education to empower girls to pursue their goals and prepare to be the next generation of leaders.

Chrysalis Scholarships are available to anyone:

  • who participated in a Chrysalis After-School program in 5th-8th grade or served as a GirlPower Peer Mentor
  • enrolled in a college, university, or trade school for the 2023-2024 school year.

chrysalis scholars reception - July 26 @6:30 pm

Join in the celebration of this year's Chrysalis Scholars and get an up-close look at your support making a difference in girls' and women's lives in our community. 

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Education is a key priority for Chrysalis because of its multiplier effect. More educated girls and women tend to be healthier, become employed, earn more income, have fewer children, and provide better education and health care for their children. These benefits can lift an entire household out of poverty and carry across generations.

When we educate a girl, we create a woman whose intellect and creativity are expanded, whose ideas inspire action, whose future is more secure, and who can stand on her own feet. She can change the world, and our future depends on it.  



Since 2014, Chrysalis Scholarships have been awarded to dozens of young women who have been involved in Chrysalis After-School programs. Whether it's a university, community college, trade school, or certificate program, we know that postsecondary education strongly increases upward economic mobility.

Research has proven that college or continued education ensures long-term financial stability, career satisfaction, success outside the workplace, and a desire to be an engaged and contributing citizen. It is one of the best tools we have to bring about equality and an end to poverty, and it's a promise we intend to keep.