The Back of the Pack

The Back of the Pack

If you missed April’s Chrysalis Conversations luncheon, you didn’t have the opportunity to be both entertained and inspired…at the same time.

Jenne Fromm’s life has been one of extremes – from reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (twice!) and running with the bulls in Spain, to surviving the fear, pain, and sometimes-hopelessness of breast cancer.  These experiences imbue her practical notions and humorous delivery with powerful life lessons.

Fromm’s presentation, “When You Find Yourself at the Back of the Pack,” included common-sense practices that are easy for everyone:

  1. CHANGE YOUR YARDSTICK – translation: stop comparing yourself to other people!
  2. SET YOUR TEMPERATURE – translation: control your own emotional climate and self-talk by recognize bad thoughts and stop them, refuse to think about negative things, replace with good and happy feelings, and reinforce the positive in yourself.
  3. FOCUS ON OTHERS – translation: we all have a bad day now and then…people need you, your compassion, and your encouragement.
  4. EMBRACE THE “SUCK” – translation: powering through difficulties (“icky stuff”) builds strength; chose to try the tough thing.

In short, Fromm’s presentation serves as a toolkit for coping, interacting with others, and making your own choices about you.