Feminist Ads of the Year

Feminist Ads of the Year

We’ve been watching some of these entertaining videos from Ms. blog, published online by Ms. Magazine.  The videos came from an article posted revealing The 10 Most Feminist Ads of 2014.

Presented as “the palatable version of feminism that’s taking the country by storm,” the blog provides links to each of the 10 – some funny, some touching, all fascinating advertisements aired in 2014.  Although the ads intend to sell products, the messages of all of them is singular: we have to stop telling girls they are weak and powerless, discouraging them from STEM interests, and quit apologizing for themselves.

Although we know that marketers are increasingly aware that they need to reach feminist consumers…it’s key to their long-term survival.  And many accompany the new advertising with funding for women and girls’ organizations.  Pantene supports AAUW’s Campus Action Project.  Dove underwrites projects for Girl Scouts, Girls, Inc., and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.  And Verizon funds technology innovation programs supporting teen girls.

Perhaps you’ve seen some of the ads, and if not, you can watch them here:  


They certainly help drive our message!