Celebrating Working Women

Celebrating Working Women

“Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity… If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior… If non-violence is the law of our being, the future is with women…”                                                                      Mahatma Gandhi

March 8, 2016, marked the 107th anniversary of International Women’s Day, originally observed in February 1909 as “National Women’s Day” to honor the female garment workers in New York who were protesting horrendous working conditions.

Since then, various dates have served to mark its international character, as women worldwide began a movement for women’s rights and suffrage.  International Women’s Day became a mechanism for both awareness and protest, from its rally for peace during World War I to its evolution to the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action in 1995, where nearly 200 governments focused on critical issues in women’s rights including getting an education, participating in politics, earning and income, and living free from violence and discrimination.

In 2011, Kronos – an international company known for its workforce management products such as the time clock – created a remarkable video celebrating the contributions of women – many whose inventions have simplified our lives today.

CELEBRATING WORKING WOMEN captures the extensive innovations of working women – from coffee filters to windshield wipers to chocolate chip cookies!  The video commemorates the tremendous work that women in history have done to allow today’s women and girls to secure an education, work, own a business, or hold public office.  It’s a powerful salute to the contributions of women, and provides encouragement to corporations to employ and promote women in the workplace.


By the Way: Chrysalis founder, Louise Noun, would be 108 years old on Monday, March 7 – appropriately during Women’s History Month and immediately preceding International Women’s Day.  Thank you, Louise, and thank you to the amazing women who inspire us every day!