Authenticity of Strong Women

Authenticity of Strong Women

For a number of reasons, Chrysalis emphasizes the words “strong women.”  Women prove every day how strong they are. Excellent examples are the women who worked for 72 years so that women in this country had the right to vote – as recounted in Louise Noun’s book STRONG-MINDED WOMEN. But don’t mistake the characteristics of strong-minded women to match those of a man.  It’s not about power.  It’s about a sense of purpose, commitment, confidence, and courage.

These traits don’t just find their way into our lives.  It takes work.  Being mentally tough is having the energy and stamina to face difficulty without losing inner strength.  It takes the resources, mental ability, and physical capacity to confront challenges of all kinds.  It takes grit.  And it takes tenacity.

These are the qualities we see in female leaders, and through time, in ourselves:

  • We’ve learned to focus on who we are, rather than what we do – a sense of purpose.
  • We’re persistent in working hard and bringing about results – a sense of commitment.
  • We’ve developed a trust in our own abilities or values – a sense of confidence.
  • We’re able to face uncertainty, intimidation, or risk – a sense or courage.

Despite our strength, confidence, and capabilities, we always have room for learning, and for teaching others what we’ve learned. This is the main purpose of Chrysalis After-School and GirlPower programs – to ensure girls and young women are equipped with the tools to become strong, confident, and self-directed.

There are so many reasons we need a strong community of women in our lives.  Research has shown that when we have a strong social network, women live longer and healthier lives.  And it always helps to have others who support your own goals and ideals.  “We must always attempt to lift as we climb,” noted feminist and activist Dr. Angela Davis.

Remarkably, Chrysalis founder Louise Noun never saw herself as having “leadership” qualities.  But one needs only to review her accomplishments to recognize that she was, in fact, an amazing woman and leader of many.  Louise was authentic.

We tell girls that authenticity matters.  It’s a waste of time trying to be someone else.