21-Day Equity Challenge

21-Day Equity Challenge

United Way of Central Iowa has extended an invitation to Chrysalis and other organizations to join the 21-Day Equity Challenge, a 3-week learning opportunity planned to begin October 5.

Through a daily email, supporters will receive information including videos, selected articles, discussion guides, and additional information focused on better understanding the challenges of racism in Iowa and how we can work toward equity. At the end of the challenge, an Equity Summit will take place in Des Moines to bring participants together and continue the conversation. 

The Equity Challenge was created by University of Iowa grad Dr. Eddie Moore, Director of the Privilege Institute in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Under his leadership, the White Privilege Conference was created, and has become one of the top international conferences on diversity, power, privilege, and leadership. 

The Equity Challenge was first implemented by Food Solutions New England, a 6-state network aimed at uniting the food system community around a shared set of values – empowerment, racial equity, dignity for all, sustainability, and trust – to strengthen the movement’s success.

The 21-day challenge is intended to promote learning and reinforce, over time, the power of the shared experience.

Chrysalis is one of the local agency supporters, and I encourage each of you to sign up as well – it’s a tremendous learning and growing opportunity certain to improve our work in Greater Des Moines.

To learn more, take a look at the attached information or go to 21-Day Equity Challenge.