INSPIRED men events

INSPIRED men events provide an opportunity to learn and engage with men who care about the success of girls and women and who know they have an active role to play. Learn more about Chrysalis INSPIRED Men here

june 29 2023 | 5:30-7 pm


Join us for a social gathering to celebrate the newly formed INSPIRED Men network. We'll have live music, food and beverages. Watch for more details coming soon! 

past events

april 14 2023  | 8-9 am 


Ben Barry, Chrysalis After-School program facilitator and Carlisle Middle School counselor 

Join us in a discussion about the importance of men as role models for girls, and learn simple actions you can take to make a difference in the life of a girl. Ben Barry will share his experience as a Chrysalis After-School program facilitator and as a counselor at Carlisle Middle School.

More About Ben Barry: Ben is completing his 15th year as a middle school counselor at Carlisle Middle School. He began his educational career teaching high school science after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa. In 2009, Ben moved into the School Counselor role after earning a Master of Secondary School Counseling at Drake University. Every day Ben works with students to help them navigate life's challenges, gain resilience, and prepare for the future. 

Ben has been leading Chrysalis After-School program girls groups for six years and enjoys the role immensely, noting that to see the growth in each group of girls is awe-inspiring. He is always excited to share the power and positivity of the Chrysalis mission with others.  Ben and his wife of 20 years have five children who currently go to school in five different buildings. Outside of school, the family navigates 12-15 sports practices and events each week - Ben's life is never dull!