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chrysalis turns 30


The Chrysalis Foundation was established in 1989 to ensure that girls and women in Greater Des Moines have the resources, support, and opportunities they need to be successful and independent. Today Chrysalis delivers 100% of community support to key programs delivering on its mission.

chrysalis turns 25


In 2014, Chrysalis celebrated its 25th anniversary. In addition to learning more about the Foundation, you will hear from a young woman who participated in the Chrysalis After-School girls group at her school and get a glimpse of how that impacted her life. 




she matters 2012 report 


In 2011, the Iowa Women's Leadership Project (IWLP) was formed, involving an array of organizations and businesses that have a stake in the future of girls and women in Iowa. in 2012, IWLP published She Matters The Status of Women and Girls in Iowa to provide relevant data on issues affecting women's and girl's lives.