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chrysalis awards funding to organizations aligning with our mission and priorities in polk, warren, and dallas counties in iowa through two grant funds:

  1. community partner fund
  2. rapid response fund

to be considered, all applicants must have a current organization profile and supporting documents on file with the chrysalis foundation; this must be updated annually.

complete organization profile


organization profile

community partner fund

grants for operations (unrestricted) are awarded annually to organizations aligned with the chrysalis mission and strategic goals. funds are awarded in january of each year. 

complete community partner grant application and supporting documents 


community partner grant application - due by noon on Friday, October 11, 2019
results based accountability form
demographics and financial health form

rapid response grant

grants up to $500 for unbudgeted, unforeseen, immediate, and/or emergency needs of nonprofit organizations are awarded. priority is given to needs that identify measurable results, are most likely to ensure success, and have documented costs. decisions will be communicated within 3 business days of receipt of completed application

complete rapid response grant application


rapid response application