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Chrysalis continues to lead the conversation about education, empowerment, social and economic equality — to ensure that girls and women have the opportunity to contribute to our community in meaningful and lasting ways. Our events lend a voice to those who otherwise don’t have one, address problems and offer solutions, and celebrate the women and girls making an impact within our communities.



Chrysalis is recruiting and engaging a new population of philanthropists through our fund>forward initiative. fund>forward will bring together people passionate about empowering girls and women with long-standing community leaders and philanthropists for an experience to connect, engage, and learn about community needs and issues facing girls, women, and families.

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Chrysalis Conversations

Chrysalis Conversation Speaker Series is our annual spring speaker series featuring outstanding women sharing experiences that amaze and wisdom that inspires. Listen to our featured speakers share their stories about life, struggle and success, and the lessons we can apply to our own lives.

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Inspired Event

Inspired is our annual fundraising event held in the fall where attendees hear from visionary speakers whose passionate messages inspire all of us with their remarkable work with women and girls throughout the world. We hope you’ll be inspired to share with the girls and women in your own life, who’ll shape our future.

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