Our Focus Is Helping Women and Girls

No tool for development is more effective than empowering women. The World Bank calls investing in women “smart economics” because research shows economic growth for women has a critical multiplier effect. Women are more likely to share their personal economic gains with their families and communities; in fact, women reinvest 90% of their income in food, healthcare, home improvement, and schooling for themselves and their children. In short, “women’s progress” is “society progress.”

Although Iowa’s women and girls comprise the majority of the state’s population, we still experience a greater percentage of economic disparities, diseases and disabilities, and barriers to corporate and civic leadership than do men and boys. The facts remind us that the value of Iowa’s women and girls must be demonstrated. By adequate earnings. By career and promotion opportunities. By assuring safety. And by having an equal voice for all decisions affecting Iowans. When these are realities, women and girls can participate fully in the life of Iowa communities.

This is the work of Chrysalis.



For girls and women, safety is the peace of mind that results from the prevention or response to physical, emotional, or financial harm. Safety encompasses violent and nonviolent crime, domestic and street violence,
cyber-security and safe living conditions.

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The security and well-being of a girl or woman is shaped by her physical, mental, and emotional health. These factors are key to her ability to be a confident and contribution citizen with positive relationships and connections to others.

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When a girl is provided educational opportunities, she is provided with a foundation for her adult life — increasing her chance at living a healthy and successful life, and positively impacting her family and community. Our work in education focuses on investing in girls’ educational success and in women’s education through GED programs, small business development, and job training.

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Economic Opportunity

In order for women to become successful, contributing members of the community, they have to be armed with the necessary tools. At Chrysalis we work on providing resources and support that prepare women for the workforce, teach them how to manage money efficiently and responsibly, and empower them to be smart, confident leaders.

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